Throughout my entire life, I have immersed myself into the arts.  With an intense love and appreciation of all things creative, I was enraptured with the ability to see a beauty in everything, allowing for a huge diversity in my interests.


As a dancer I would scurry between training as an elegant ballerina-on-pointe and rocking out in jazz dance, also throwing in a bit of tap, country, Irish and belly dancing to boot.  As an actor I would relish in long, dramatic monologues, and then thrive in comedy groups.  As a musician I drowned my sorrows equally with sad, romantic music on the piano and dramatic rock-like tunes on my electric violin.


As a model, I’ve found that I’m able to embrace all sides of myself to the highest standard. 

Whether I’m on a high end fashion shoot or working on an inventive idea found floating

around in mine- or another’s- mind, I put everything I can towards it.  I adore being

involved in a photoshoot on all levels.  In following the instruction of others, I find it

fascinating to see how ideas come together into something outstanding, simple or

complex.  Through the meeting of creative minds, I love collaborating to see how

we can push an idea further.  And as a person who finds inspiration in everything

around her, my mind is brimming with ideas which I am desperate to bring to life. 


As you’ll be able to see from my portfolio, I enjoy experimenting with different ideas

and styles… and just like my dancing I don’t think that I could decide which I love

doing more.  However, I believe that this inability to decide which style I love best

has never diminished my adoration for any of them, but instead allowed me to

embrace them further and more passionately.  It’s through this that I’d hate to be

overlooked for a particular style of shoot purely because I was not thought to

be ‘into’ that particular look.  So if you’ve an ideawhich you’d like to run past me,

I beg you do not hesitate!  Equally if you’re curious to see what ideas I have, I’d be

more than happy to share them with you.   

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