Vintage Heaven with Jo Irvine

February 22, 2014

I don’t know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I'm a bit of a sucker for vintage clothing.  I know, I know, I hide it so well!  Well when the incredible designer that is Jo Irvine got in touch to ask whether I’d take part in a photoshoot showing off her latest designs, I obviously leaped at the chance.  I love everything involved in a photoshoot, but undeniably one of my favourite aspects is getting to dress up and prance about.  I consider the speed that I can go from bounding puppy dog excitement to demure model to be one of my major talents, one that is vital considering exactly how excited I can get and what my job is.  


As mentioned before, all clothes were made by the wondrously talented Jo Irvine Designs.  This amazing lady is not only a goddess at beautiful bespoke gowns, but also incredible costumes worn by burlesque dancers, aerialists, a beautiful David Bowie impersonator and KYLIE MONOGUE!  You can see how she got my attention!  As I drooled over the clothes lining the room, trying to figure out which I’d be lucky enough to wear myself, my face was put together by the incredible Gina Trinchese.  I'm still in awe with the way that she managed to create a look that looked so effortless both in person, and through the camera.  I've learnt over the years that sometimes makeup needs to look slightly over the top in person to make enough of an impact on camera, but Gina somehow made me look beautifully glamorous through both formats, for which I shall be eternally grateful!  Once Gina had had her way with me, I was put into the capable hands of Lauren Moore for hair.  Again, I was astounded with the talent that Jo had surrounded her shoot with!  Lauren was a genius at creating the vintage style and in no time at all had my ginger locks in curls, ready to pop up at Jo’s command.  Once they were ready for me and I was all dressed up, I worked with photographer Hayley Bray to make the best possible images.  Teamed with a ladder (not the first and definitely not the last time that a photographer needs a ladder to shoot me) and the gorgeous props that Jo had provided- including an adorable rabbit!- we got to work!  With all this going on, plus 7 other models and Sheena Isokariari running around taking pictures and publicising the hell out of it, this shoot went swimmingly!  I think that it’s one of the first shoots to give me an idea of what I was getting myself into.  Professionals buzzing all around, the beautifully smells of hair products, the intoxicating sight of vintage dresses all over and the stunning models running around wearing them, this was so for me!


These pictures were edited by Sylvia Liontou.











































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