Corsets and Capes with Jo and Val

October 6, 2015

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's vintage.  That's the end of the sentence... just vintage.  More specifically (and relevently) I'm talking about vintage lingerie... but there's just something so delicious about a time when a few products were handmade with love and care, as opposed to being shipped over by the million from some factory.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happily taken in by the beautious results of modern day fashions, but like the ever increasing fans of this style, I crumble with desire against those true vintage pieces.  Luckily, with it's rebirth, many dressmakers and designers are setting back the years by re-making the classics, and taking inspiration to create some new wonders. 


This, of course, includes corsets, underbusts, waspies etc. which were so crucial in our fashions for so many years in the past, but soon found themselves to be considered outdated torture devices.  Perhaps now that we have such freedom to wear what we choose, instead of being forced into them to please others, we are beginning once again to relish the beauty and elegance that they provide. 


One creator of these wonderous products is the talented Jo Manners- a vintage lingerie and corset maker who I was lucky enough to meet through photographer Simon Morris (more on this lovely chap later!).  After generously lending us a few of her beautiful pieces for a shoot, Jo asked me to work with her and her fabulous team on a vintage lingerie photoshoot which, to this day, I consider one of my favourites! 



This combination of crazy cats shown in the following image standing in front of the Godzilla that is myself (from left to right) includes:


Photographer Val Rose                       

Corset Designer and Maker Jo Manners

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Kim Leech


We were also lucky enough to have Jo's husband Carl Manners assisting and taking some snaps of his own, who was wily enough to largely avoid his own picture taken!.








And of course, just like any serious model, I find it extremely important to feed a bit of silliness onto the set in order to refresh the palete... It's always a pleasure to find a team that embraces this aspect of the work and this fabulous group of people were no disappointment!  Despite there being so much to get through, there was a constant run of laughter and I hope that I speak for everybody involved when I say that it was an absolute pleasure! 




And thus ends the lesson!  I hope you enjoyed this cheeky insight to both my mind and photoshoot... I always think that there's so much more behind the few images that result from shoots and love that I get to share this with you! 


Please keep everybody that I've mentioned in mind for any future work that they might be appropriate for as they are a talented bunch, and if you like what you see feel free to give our facebooks some love and share our pages!


Photographer:                           Val Rose  

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist:   Kim Leech  

Designer:                                 Jo Manners  

Photographers Assistent:          Carl Manners

Model:                                     Anna Sawyer  


Much love xxx


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