Fashion and a pool with Fen and Joyce

July 29, 2016

Sometimes I look at images from a past shoot, and it honestly feels like only yesterday that the pictures were taken.  Just now flicking through my portfolio folders, I came across a really fantastic shoot and was amazed to see that it took place three years ago!  This was back in the day before I had my beloved car, Agnes, to hold my huge bundle of clothes to a shoot and when I had to carry them in my rucksack, venturing on the train and walking to whatever location we were working at.  I remember what a beautiful day it was as I walked through the town towards the home studio of my photographer Mark Fennell, excited with the ideas that we'd discussed a few days before.  As often happens on a shoot, by the time the team actually gets together and talks things through, those ideas become a first draft as thoughts are put on the table to evolve into something wonderful.  How wonderful it is exactly often depends on how well the team works together, and this one was an absolute dream.  Mark was hugely enthusiastic, with plenty of ideas in mind but also very welcoming of other thoughts, and our fabulous hair and makeup artist Joyce Connor worked beautifully, adjusting my hair as I bounded about and pointing out the lipstick that had somehow smudged all over my face.  Fen had provided some awesome outfits, and put together with the huge amount that I'd brought, Joyce was a gem in helping to decide what to do with everything!

After the excitement of the indoor fashion shoot, the main thing that I remember is the dreaded pool concept.  We'd discussed a wet look which would be interesting in the small pool that Mark had in his garden.  Since this would require my hairstyle being ruined we left it to the end of the shoot, which coincided with the disappearance of the sun, and thus the warmth.  Fitted with a gorgeous golden cut-out swimming costume, I prepared to lower myself into the water.  Unfortunately it wasn't heated and bloody freezing, so it took me a while to adjust enough to fully submerge myself.  Reminding myself of the great shots that we were getting, I managed to pretend that I was in a pool in some beautifully warm Mediterranean island for a little while before I leapt into the towel filled arms of Joyce to dry me off and warm me up!  

Of course the pictures are so fantastic that the experience was totally worth it, and I'd absolutely love to work with Mark and Joyce again!





























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